Nudel has been busy on a number of commissioned pieces for private collectors and corporate clients with 2 major installations due for completion in February 2016  

The BooleanBoxCross is a prototype of a foyer installation for a boutique hedge fund in Melbourne 


The Amplituhedrom

This is one of Nüdel's favorite  scientific discoveries of recent times, the amplituhedron:

The amplituhedron is a jewel-like geometric structure that takes particle interaction equations, which can be thousands of terms long, and simplifies them to a single term.

A potentially astonishing consequence of this figure is that a space-time is merely a property of the universe that emerges from the mathematics of geometry.


Nudel ID Tags

In our search of a revised identification coding system, Nüdel stumbled upon the work of pioneering algorithmic artist Manfred Mohr recently

Mohr produced amongst the earliest computer generated art including a 1973 animation that mines the same territory as Sol LeWitt's Variations of Incomplete Open Cubes

Nüdel is now testing  the Mohr/LeWitt degenerate cube figure as a replacement coding system for Nüdel components