About Nüdel

Making System

Nüdel is a making system that aims to provide  community members with an accessible and flexible online platform for creating large scale sculptures, constructions, installations and spaces.

The system simplifies the making process by bringing together in an online environment advanced parametric modelling, optimization and geometric validation processes, and the automatic production and delivery of custom components, as well as assembly instructions.

Nüdel aims to establish an evolutionary creative community that will encourage sharing, adoption, and adaption of designs over time.  Extensions and modifications to the Nudel system will be made in response to community needs.

First generation Nüdels are made from custom 3D printed connectors and Tasmanian Oak struts, with the library of available materials to be expanded over time



The Makers

Nüdel has been created by a team of designers, architects, educationalists, academics, and engineers and is led by Tim Black, an architect and entrepreneur.

Tim is a partner of BKK Architects, a Melbourne-based design practice he co-founded in 2000.