Nüdel 2015 Student Design Competition Winners Announced!

The inaugural Student Design Competition attracted 69 registrants from 6 countries with prizes awarded as follows:

  • 1st: "Changeling" by Nicole Dimasi, UCL
  • 2nd "Nudel Chair" by Dharman Gersch, RMIT
  • 3rd "Dancer in Motion" by Kah Wai Leong, UW

A summary of the Jury's Report is provided below

1st Place                 "Changeling" presents a powerful expression of forces. The idea of metabolic transformation is captured in a sequence of geometric figures that dynamically transmutate through space, connected by radiating lines that are drawn down to the base.  The shift in form and plane of intermediate figures, together with the thrusting lean, is suggestive of strong forces at play.  The presentation is clean and well balanced with a clever use of reflection and repetition at differing scales to illustrate the concept in detail and in total


2nd Place                "Nudel Chair" explores asymmetric tectonics through an iterative and generative design process that led to the prototyping of a chair.  The freeform organic nature of the system was evident in many of the versions included in the presentation, offering tantalising alternatives to the final design.  The approach suggests ways in which the nudel system could be used as a prototyping tool for designers.


3rd Place                 "Dancer in Motion" develops from a 2-stage process involving the intermediary abstraction of a ballet dancer as a fluid sweeping surface followed by a secondary abstraction to a network of lines through space creating an elegant, pirouetting form. The design successfully captures a sense of both form and movement and has been clearly presented, cast in a theatrical light.